The Journey Begins

Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day. And don’t lose the passion and the love for what you do. — Nadia Comaneci

Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mother. Friend.

Stay at home mom. Aspiring author. Hobby herbalist.

Christian. Crunchy. Holding life together with glitter glue.

How would you describe yourself?

Labels are something I am sure everyone has apt experience with. I have found labels can be both uplifting and devastating. How we choose to define ourselves effects every aspect of our lives.

As I sit here and try to write an attractive, attention grabbing introduction I find myself having troubles pinning down exactly how to describe my blog. As an extension, how to label my life.

In a world where food is a phone call away (#deliverypizzaaddict), toxic chemicals are everywhere, and living organically is advertised as a “rich hobby,” it seems silly for a small town woman with a tight wallet to be taking on the challenge of holistic living for her family. Nevertheless, here I am!

I hope this blog is not only interesting, but informative as I share with you my journey into the world of healthy and organic living.22310573_1842648642732176_6890859048335209620_n






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